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Nopa Nordic was founded in 1964 by Niels Thostrup. Since then, the company has developed into the largest private-label manufacturer in the Nordic countries, specialising in ecolabelled detergents, personal care products and cleaning products – and Nopa Nordic is still owned by the Thostrup family. More than 70% of the company’s products are exported.

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Nopa Nordic acquires Allison

JUNE 2016:

Strong alliance in the Danish cosmetics and cleaning products manufacturing industry

With Nopa Nordic A/S’ acquisition of Allison A/S, two of Denmark’s leading companies manufacturing products for personal care, detergents and cleaning products have joined forces to prepare themselves for tomorrow’s challenges. The aim is to combine the different strengths of the two companies and, thus, to achieve a range of synergies in preparation for further growth and development.

Both Nopa Nordic and Allison regard the alliance as a strong strategic initiative. Technically, Nopa Nordic A/S will acquire the entire shareholding of Allison A/S. Allison will become an independent subsidiary, and the current owner of 50% of the shares, Flemming Haahr, will continue as managing director with Nopa Nordic’s managing director, Henrik Karup Jørgensen, as chairman of the board of directors. In other words, both Nopa Nordic and Allison will continue their operations, each with their own general management and organisation.

Nopa Nordic was established in 1964. To begin with, production was centred on products for personal care. However, the range has developed and now includes a large number of cleaning agents and detergents. Nopa Nordic launched its first eco-labelled products as far back as 1993; long before eco-labelling and green products became the trend. Since then, Nopa Nordic has developed a comprehensive portfolio of green products and, today, the company has the market’s most extensive expertise and knowhow in eco-labelled products and sustainable production.
Nopa Nordic’s headquarters are situated in Hobro, with production at its factories in Hobro and Horsens.

Allison A/S was established in 1970 and, over the years, has developed a unique position within design, development and production of quality products for personal care with an organic focus. The product range includes both own brands and private label products. In 2013, Allison was awarded high-profile retail chain Irma’s honorary prize for its Tusindfryd product line. The motivation for the award was that “Allison has experienced explosive growth in Irma, a company built on innovation, constant promotional initiatives and tremendous commitment to trade”.
Allison has its headquarters in Bramming, with production at the company’s factory in Esbjerg.

“Our companies are both strong and well-consolidated but, naturally, we need to think of the future, which will require increased competitive strength and, consequently, continued investment,” say Nopa Nordic’s managing director, Henrik Karup Jørgensen, and Allison’s managing director, Flemming Haahr. “We first began thinking about a partnership when we were both part of an initiative to establish a trade organisation under the Confederation of Danish Industry. We got to know each other during the process and we soon agreed that our companies’ basic values and product portfolios match perfectly and that we could be much stronger together than apart.”

“Politicians often appeal to companies to consolidate to enable them to retain and develop industrial workplaces in Denmark. And that’s where we have a common goal,” Henrik Karup Jørgensen and Flemming Haahr continue. “Our two companies are alike in a number of areas. We have common values such as accountability, quality and reliability of supply. We both have a very strong environmental profile with products that are certified with the Nordic Swan eco-label and the Asthma-Allergy label. We also regard our customers in the same way; as competent, collaborative partners who contribute to the development of our products, whether they be new concepts and brands or private labels. Last but not least, we both give education and in-house development of skills high priority, since skilful employees are needed at all levels if we’re to grow. In spite of the many similarities, our two companies have different product profiles and this provides a basis for joint campaigns and mutual inspiration. We’re now looking forward to getting started with the cooperation on a daily basis and to conquering new markets together,” Karup Jørgensen and Flemming Haahr conclude.

Nopa Nordic and Allison will employ a staff of around 200 at the factories in Hobro, Horsens and Esbjerg.

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