International company with Danish roots

Nopa Nordic was founded in 1964 by Niels Thostrup. Since then, the company has developed into the largest private-label manufacturer in the Nordic countries, specialising in ecolabelled detergents, personal care products and cleaning products – and Nopa Nordic is still owned by the Thostrup family. More than 70% of the company’s products are exported.

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Environmental thinking for the future

Eco-labelled products are not a niche any more. Sustainability is a global megatrend and a duty to society. In the future, consideration for the environment will be a precondition for all product development. Nopa Nordic was one of the pioneers of eco-labelled products, and is now a leading expert on sustainable production.

Right back in 1993, Nopa Nordic started introducing eco-labelled products – long before eco-labels and green products became a mainstream concern. Since then we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of green products – and today Nopa Nordic possesses more expertise and know-how on eco-labelled products and sustainable manufacture than any other player in the market.

An experienced and credible partner
Our long-term experience and constant focus on sustainability right through the supply chain are your guarantee of reliable products that live up to critical consumer expectations and can withstand scrutiny by the media.

A portfolio of green products
Nopa Nordic has a wide selection of eco-labelled products in its range and can offer a unique portfolio of strong green brands.

Nopa Nordic is an expert on the environment

  • 20 years' experience of eco-labelled products
  • The Nordic Ecolabel, the EU Ecolabel, BraMijöval
  • The electricity used in our factories is CO2-neutral
  • 64% of our waste was recycled in 2014.
  • No optical brighteners in our detergents since 1996
  • We have ISO 14001 certification of our environment management
  • We are subject to strict Danish environment protection legislation
  • Our products meet the expectations of critical consumers
  • Our products stand up to critical media


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